Tips For A Successful Build

Be organised – it’s all in the planning

Before the work commences on site, we can support you to ensure every little detail is planned. Selecting all of the fixtures and fittings prior to the build and having a clear idea on lead times, will help prevent any delays on site. We have developed strong relationships with a number of trusted brands and partners, all of which have been carefully handpicked for their superior style and quality. Find out more here.

Collaborate with your builder

Builders will often push back if the solution is really challenging, so spend time talking through the various different options. At Bespoke Living AIC we want the best for our clients, both in a creative and functional capacity. By communicating clearly with your contractor and regular site visits, we will ensure that these decisions are made on your behalf to ensure the best results on site.

Be present on site

Depending whether you’ve decided to live on site or not, will affect your overall involvement of the build. If you have decided to live on site then you will witness every little change, so it’s easier to notice if something isn’t exactly as you expected. If you move out, make sure to regularly visit the site to check works are going to schedule. 

Either way, it’s important to make sure you give the builders enough space to get on with their job. Once you have caught up with them, give them the space to carry out the work without being continuously interrupted.

Budget tracking

Keep your budget up to date and track exactly what you have spent. This will ensure you have a clear idea of where you are with your budget and give you peace of mind whilst the build is taking place. It’s important to have a contingency fund for any unexpected costs that may arise whilst on site.

Plan your day-to-day living

If you plan on living on site during the renovation works make sure you know exactly which areas of the property are going to be disrupted. It’s important to have a clear living space and know exactly where you will be cooking, eating and doing the laundry. Having a realistic idea of your living situation will make it easier to get through and stay focused.

Take a break!

If you are living on site, be sure to have some time away, it’s the perfect opportunity to stay with friends and family or book a holiday. Take time to relax and enjoy not being surrounded by dust! Hopefully you’ll return feeling refreshed and excited to finish the build.

Enjoy the process

Renovating your home can really test your patience. There will be times where something will be delayed or not go as you or you contractor anticipated.

Try to focus on the little wins, huge milestones such as knocking through from the new extension or when your new shower is fitted should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Keep focused

In the depths of the renovation process, it will feel like you’ll never have a normal home again but try to remember that when it’s finished you will have the home of your dreams. Remember the feeling you had when you first saw your home, and the excitement of making it your own. Regularly look at your inspirational images, concepts and 3D visuals to see what your unique space will soon become.