Field House

A striking Art Deco style family home set in the stunning Bristol countryside
Exterior View

The Solution

The disjointed room layouts and lack of space were creating huge issues for our clients and prevented them from fully enjoying their unique home.

We worked closely with them to understand their lifestyle and how they wanted to use the space and designed a scheme that would make a real difference to their quality of life.

Our solution was to add two, two-storey extensions to both sides of the property, effectively creating 2 new wings and doubling the size of our client’s home. In doing so, we were able to define individual spaces but also create a better connection to the exterior space. By introducing statement corner glazing which, when opened, blurs the boundaries between inside and out, we’ve provided our clients with an additional space that leads directly off their modern kitchen.

It was important to ensure the new extensions were sympathetic and in keeping with the existing art deco building. We designed both extensions to mirror each other, creating symmetry which is strongly associated with this style of architecture. They were finished in a matching white render to blend with the existing house and we installed statement blue glazing to correlate with the curved original windows.

The result is a striking art deco style home that has plenty of space for all the family to enjoy, boasting great links to the outside space and statement glazing to enjoy the stunning views of the Bristol countryside.

Our clients have recently sold this property and have approached us again to redesign their new home.