Our Partners for Sustainability

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As the need for more eco-friendly homes increases, we believe sustainability is a priority all clients should be considering when they’re renovating or constructing their new homes.

With innovative technology constantly emerging, there’s a growing number of ways you can introduce sustainable and energy-efficient solutions that suit every lifestyle and budget.

Ways to improve energy efficiency include installing solar panels, using an air source heat pump and super-insulating your home. Our sustainable partners work with us to really make a difference to your home and extend its longevity, and the planet’s, for future generations.

Sustainability Brands That We Work With

Green Heat Wales

With a broad product knowledge and expertise, Green Heat Wales offers unbiased information as part of their pre-consultation and feasibility service. Their skilled team of specialists can provide you with expert advice on a range of renewable products and topics whilst addressing any technical queries you might have.

Summit Energies

Summit Energies has 40 years of experience in the plumbing, heating and electrical industry. Installing all types of alternative energy options from when they were first available, Summit can advise on how to reduce your energy bills, along with how to access RHI – a government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat.