Our Partners for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

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Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

This element of the interior design involves all the objects in your home that aren’t “attached” to the structure itself. 

From furniture to accessories and artwork, these are the finishing touches that change your home from a blank space into a usable room with personality and texture – catered to your exact tastes and lifestyle.

We can help you to curate all the right pieces to create a personal experience in your home that works perfectly with your space and design style.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Brands That We Work With


BoConcept was born in Herning in 1952 and has grown from a small firm to Denmark’s most global furniture brand. Through Danish creativity and craftsmanship, they elevate spaces with iconic design that brings joy and inspiration, collaborating with some of the most respected designers in Denmark and further afield to be timelessly on-trend.

Berkeley Designs

Berkeley Designs are a London based supplier of luxury furniture and artwork to the interior design market. Their furniture is high-quality and perfect for creating sumptuous and luxurious interior design schemes. They are constantly adding new products to their select portfolio that complement a luxury, high-end interior.


Established in 1973, as a small family-run business, Gallery Direct has grown to become the leading British based designer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of furniture, home décor and accessories – committed to offering the complete home furnishings solution. With unique items to suit every style and budget, Gallery have a huge selection of products to choose from.