Case Study: Bristol Project

1. The Problem

At one of our recent projects in Bristol, our client’s approached us to design the ground floor of their home as they were struggling with the current layout of their property. Being an active family with 2 young girls, they felt like they simply did not have enough space or a home that reflected their lifestyle. Their sitting room (front reception room) was acting as a home office, play room, sitting (evening) room, music room, to name just a few. So whilst being used for so many activities our clients thought it was a really useful room, however it wasn’t actually serving a function, bar adding to an already stressful space. 

Concept Sketch

2. The Brief

Initially our clients wanted to form an extension to the rear of the property that would create a space which catered to all the activities they currently used the front room for. Amongst their wish list was a playroom for the kids (including a swing between the roof lights), a yoga/meditation space as well as a calm place where they could relax in the evenings and be suitable for entertaining. However, when we visited the property during our Consultation and Live Design Session, we felt that in piling all these activities in the new extension, our clients would just be creating the same issues at the back that they have at the front.  

Instead, we looked at the house as a whole and gave each space a more defined function which helped them live together in the house, doing the activities they all separately enjoyed, without getting on stop of each other and feeling cramped.

Existing & Proposed Ground Floor Plans

3. The Solution

We found solutions to our client’s issues with the current layout and produced a scheme that catered to their bespoke lifestyle. Forming a front garage creates easy access for buggies and bike storage, whilst ensuring the hallway stays tidy and clutter free. Whilst creating the garage space, we also enlarged the entrance hall to give a better sense of arrival with plenty of room for storage and a designated area for coats and shoes.

The front reception room goes back to being just that, a room where they can migrate to in the evening and relax. Along the hall and into the large open plan kitchen diner, we’ve created a space that is large enough to host the whole family, with an integrated dining bench and roof light above to draw in natural light. The connection to the outside is furthered with the addition of a ZEN garden for yoga and meditation. We felt that this needed its own designated zone and so created a small internal courtyard, perfect for when our clients want to switch off. The courtyard is also a great design for passive ventilation and aids with cooling throughout the hot summer months.

The rear extension has been designed specifically to be multifunctional, a play space/day room that opens out into the garden, with built in bespoke joinery along the back wall to hide away toys and clutter, creating the ideal evening entertaining space. We’ve implement a glass crittall style divider between the kitchen and extension space, this allows natural light to bounce around both zones and ensure they still feel connected, but allows both areas to be closed off when necessary.

4. The Result

This property has been transformed to create an inspirational and functional home. The use of natural light throughout the project has achieved well-thought-out spaces that deliver an oasis of calm and contemporary family living.

Each room now has its own identity whilst keeping a generally natural palette of light oak, Scandinavian style furniture and cosy textured fabrics, paired with lots of plants and greenery to enhance a natural sensory experience.

This property is now uniquely bespoke, reimagining the chaotic spaces has transformed it into a truly beautiful home the clients love and will enjoy together for years to come.